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Kelly Wahlquist is a dynamic and inspiring Catholic speaker whose gift of weaving personal stories and Scripture together with practical advice allows her audience to enter more fully into what Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict have called us into - to be witnesses of our faith and part of the New Evangelization.

Day 5: Novena to St. Mary Magdalene

Faith leading to understanding


As yet they did not understand the scripture that he must rise from the dead. Then the disciples returned to their homes.
What was the mood of the disciples as they turned back to go home? What were their expectations about what might happen next?
A very short piece but continue to read it through a few times, allowing the words to sink deep within you. Are there words or insights from the passage than seem important as we pass the halfway point in our Novena,


Spend a few minutes building the scene in whatever way you find most helpful. How do the disciples take their leave of Mary? What is the "feel" of the scene at this point?
Faith often comes before understanding. We believe - but may have to reflect - read - contemplate - experience something differently before we move to understanding. Reflecting and learning how to make our faith yet more alive and active is for some people exciting - for others it is a challenge.

Pray for people who are excited - and those who are challenged.

Mary of Magdala,
you did not understand but you believed.
Pray for as we seek to understand more fully
what God wills for us.
Pray for those for whom this is an exciting time
and for those for whom it is difficult and challenging. 
Guide us all through your story 
to the hope of resurrection.

Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory be...


*The novena and reflections are taken from and can be downloaded in full on their site.

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