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Kelly Wahlquist is a dynamic and inspiring Catholic speaker whose gift of weaving personal stories and Scripture together with practical advice allows her audience to enter more fully into what Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict have called us into - to be witnesses of our faith and part of the New Evangelization.

Good Friday Reflection on Their Last Words

A Good Friday tradition for me is to read "Seven Words of Jesus and Mary" by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. It's a small book that has a big impact on me every year.

Since I couldn't share the whole book with you, mostly because mine is high-lighted and marked up more than any other book I own (oh, and because there are copyright laws), I posted a great reflection below on the final words of Mary and Jesus. 

Take a moment, read it, and ponder it in your heart today... and always.

Good Friday Reflection:

When Our Blessed Mother saw him bow his head and deliver his spirit, she remembered that last word that she ever is recorded to have spoken in Scripture. It was to the wine steward at the marriage feast of Cana: "Do whatever he tells you."

The sweet relationship of three decades in Nazareth now draws to a close and Mary is about to give Emmanuel to us all, and she does it by pointing out to us the one and only way of salvation: complete consecration to her Divine Son. Nowhere in the scriptures is it ever said that Mary loves her son. Words do not prove love. But that love is hidden under the submission of her mind to his and her final injunction to us: "Do whatever he tells you."

Both the last recorded word of Jesus and the last recorded word of Mary were words of surrender: Jesus surrendered himself to the Father; Mary asked us to surrender ourselves to the Son. This is the law of the universe. "For all are yours: And you are Christ's. And Christ is God's" (1 Cor 3:22-23).

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